Lina Ben Mhenni Prize

(see pdf for Arabic and French Call_for_Applications_BenMhenni Prize)

On this 3rd May 2021, the international Day for Press Freedom, we as partners of the AREACORE network are happy to launch the Prize for Gender and Intersectional Justice in honor of Lina ben Mhenni.
As an activist during the Arab Spring and a woman’s rights advocate, Lina Ben Mhenni’s activism reflected a commitment to intersectional justice -demonstrated for instance through her involvement in reporting human rights abuses during the regime of ben Ali, but also through her role during the uprisings in Tunisia 2010/2011 and her struggle for transitional and inclusive justice since then. As someone who saw the potential of mobilizing the possibilities of digital media to connect to the Tunisian youth and spread a call for democratization, justice, dignity, and equality, her voice resonated with activists, students and journalists alike. She later came to symbolize a cultural icon of hope transgressing national borders. Her book “get connected”, where she reiterates the uprisings and her engagement in the public sphere documents important shifts in journalism practices.
This call aims to honor Lina Ben Mhenni’s engagement and legacy as a blogger, activist and academic and aims to function as a starting point to generate different readings of Ben Mhenni’s contributions for justice.
The prize shall be awarding projects in the field of media and communication studies and journalism studies direction that mirror her engagement and show directions her all to short life can point us towards in the future.

We therefore call for graduation projects engaging with topics related to her work including, but not limited to:

– human rights and freedom of the press
– media and democratization
– gender and intersectional justice
– journalism and peace studies
– social mobilizations


The call is open for all undergrad and grad students in the field of media and communication studies and journalism studies of all types of universities in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.
Any projects created in the frame of seminars that have been submitted and evaluated at a university since 03.05.2020 in French, English or Arabic language.
The project must be submitted to the committee, indicating name, university, research reports and projects to the committee at
We distinguish between two prizes categories to encompass BA and MA studies:

Undergrad (BA level)
Category A: Documentary film
Max 15-20 Minutes

Category B: Capstone Project
Around 30 pages
Prize: (equivalent to) 250 €

Graduate (MA level)
MA research report /thesis
around 60 pages 16.000 Words
Prize: (equivalent to) 500 €

Closing of the call: September 1st 2021.
The awardees will be informed by December 1st 2021 the latest and will be invited to present their work in a virtual ceremony at the end of the year.
We are looking forward to your contributions!
The committee members:
Inas Abouyoussef (Ahram Canadian University in Cairo, Egypt)
Hamida el Bour (Manouba University, Tunisia)
Kenza Oumlil (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco)
Nibal Thawabteh (Birzeit University, Paelstine)
Abdulrahman al Shami (Qatar University, Qatar)
Anna Antonakis (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)