The project consists of a network of communication studies scholars of the most relevant institutes in different Arab countries and the Institute of Communication Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. You can find a list of the partner institutions here. The Arab-European Association for Media and Communication Researchers (AREACORE) was founded on July […]


„In order to produce informed and valid knowledge without imposing specific theories and methods, joint cross-cultural research should be conducted on an equal footing between researchers.” Jassim M. Jaber & Carola Richter (2014), p.2. The association’s goal is to strengthen and expand horizons among Arab and European scholars in the […]


AREACORE promotes interdisciplinary and collaborative research to understand complex dynamics of communication in a digitalized world. We are currently engaging in several research projects, funded by the  DAAD.

Powerful Language in Reporting

Powerful Language in Reporting: Glossary to Strengthen Sensitive Reporting Language creates realties and forms and shapes topics. It can be considered a major asset when strengthening media literacy among journalists. This project aims to investigate biased language and find alternatives to promote inclusive and sensitive writings to improve quality of […]

Corona and Rising Nationalism

Study: „Corona and Rising Nationalism: Comparing processes of Othering and Discrimination in print media in March and April 2020” The spread of the COVID19 virus, insecurities and fear around the pandemic fueled nationalist tendencies and increased authoritarian tactics of governments all over the world. In North America for instance, Anti-Asian […]

Mitigating Infodemics

Study Mitigating Infodemics: Media Uses and Trust During the Coronavirus Pandemic This working paper explores media and information uses of individuals living in Lebanon during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to understand which media and information sources people prioritize and trust during pandemics, their relation to people’s knowledge, perceived […]

Distance Teaching in Times of Corona

Distance teaching in media departments in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Experiences from six Arab countries. by Inas Abou Youssef and Carola Richter Click here for the Article’s PDF Abstract The present study describes, assesses, and compares the experiences of distance teaching in media and communication departments in six Arab […]