Call for Applications: Stereotypes and Ethical reporting: Journalism Studies and Practices







Call for Applications

Stereotypes and Ethical reporting: Journalism Studies and Practices

AREACORE is planning a conference on stereotypes and ethical reporting, in
partnership with IPSI (La Manouba University), taking place as a hybrid format
in Tunis, on 21st and 22nd October 2021

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The Arab-European Association for Media and Communication Researchers (AREACORE) was founded in 2013. The association’s goal is to strengthen and expand horizons among Arab and European scholars in the field of communication. In particular, it strives to facilitate communication research across Arab countries and between Arab and European scholars. Therefore, AREACORE organizes conferences and research related activities and participates in the dissemination of research and studies, exchanging experience and training. Recognizing global hierarchies and inequalities in a postcolonial world, we commit to actively promote scientific cooperation to enhance dialogue and shed light on marginalized positions and positionalities in the field.

This conference aims to investigate textual and visual dimensions of ethical reporting focusing on manifestations of stereotypes. We aim to uncover biased language to find alternatives to promote inclusive and sensitive writings. Stereotypes can keep identities in place and re-manifest power hierarchies in a society, but also on the global level, i.e. in foreign reporting. Awareness of and the study about stereotypes and their deconstruction can be considered an important dimension of Media Literacy and is ultimately an important step towards more peaceful societies for all.

We are seeking contributions to analyze stereotypes in Arab* media reporting to reveal the pitfalls of journalistic work. At the same time, we are also interested in revealing best practice examples that (consciously) avoid stereotyping. The ultimate aim is to improve the quality of journalism by discussing the results of the studies.

We welcome empirical studies around four themes:

  •  Stereotypes on ethnic, racial or religious minorities: What names and underlying
    prejudices are employed for minorities? How are issues of migration being reported? How are different types of migrant workers depicted?
  •  Gender stereotypes: What stereotypes around gender can be found in reporting?
    For example in the field of “social issues”, domestic violence, job market and political reporting?
  • Stereotypes on class and socio-educational backgrounds: The Covid
    Pandemic has put the spotlight on many social injustices. How is class and social status being covered in the reporting on Covid and elsewhere?
  • Stereotypes and othering in Foreign reporting: How are foreign nations depicted? Which stereotypes are being employed?

Empirical studies can employ a variety of methods, including but not limited to:

  • Quantitative or qualitative content analysis of news reporting
  • Visual analysis of pictures and videos in reporting
  • Country specific or cross-country interviews with journalists on their role perception and enactment

We accept up to 15 study proposals on the above outlined themes. Accepted abstracts
will receive a lump sum of 750 € to conduct the suggested study. A tentative paper
indicating the main results is due by early October 2021. The results will have to be
presented online during the conference in Tunis and discussed with colleagues and
journalists. Afterwards, the final version of the study will be part of a conference proceeding.
We thank the DAAD for its support in funding this conference!
Please send your abstract (in either English, French or Arabic) of no more than 350
words to: until 5th July 2021.