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People vary in their use of media, including traditional or electronic. What are the communication means you prefer; mobile phone, iPad, laptop, or other, and why?.

I prefer the electronic.

At these times, I prefer the electronic media.

I prefer the electronic, like the mobile.

Electronic is better, like the mobile.

Electronic media, because its faster in terms of use and in terms of access to information.

Everything is within reach by the mobile, we can get any information, we can get to newspapers, television and radio. They all have sites on the Internet.

The electronic media overshadowed the traditional

The mobile, because it is easy to hold and to access any information I need.

I prefer the traditional media, starting with the TV, then the radio and lastly the newspapers.

I prefer the traditional because it has more credibility. Even though some channels promote rumors and disinformation, I generally prefer the traditional.

The traditional is considered a reliable source and when it passes information, it is sourced by an institution or a person, who is held responsible for the information.

Interview with Dr. Abd Al Amir Faisal, Electronic Media, Baghdad University

Iraq, like other countries in the world, is up to date with technological developments. It has the infrastructure, which helps the citizens to use it easily. The small electronic devices have encouraged this trend. In addition, the increase in mobile usage among people in the age range of 10-40 years or even up to 50 years, enabled them to consume the electronic media.

Today, 80% of the Iraqis use electronic media due to the availability of internet and the required devices, which made internet the favorite media source.

The difficulties facing the traditional Iraqi media, have contributes to this trend, including the decline in newspapers due to lack of funding. In some newspapers the number of pages have shrank. The highest number of print for any Iraqi paper is 7000 copy only and this number is only relevant for the prominent papers. The number of copies for smaller papers is between 1000 to 3000 copies, daily. The total number of Iraqi newspapers copies, don’t reach more than 100.000.

100,000 (5) 100,000* 5 = 500,000  30,000,000

If you multiply 100.000 by 5, which is the highest rate according to International institutions, equals 500.000, this is half million copy. How will half million copy make an impact among 30 Million people.

Therefore, the alternative to this media is the electronic media, and that is why electronic media occupies the first place, followed by the TV satellite channels, then the newspapers and the Radios.