The Iraqi Media System – Introduction – Script (en)

Iraq is located in southwest of Asia continent, and enjoys an important position in the global transport, as it is located at the shortest land crossing between the Mediterranean coast and the Arabian Gulf. Iraq is 435 square kilometers, and despite its small size, Iraq has played an important role in the history of the Arab world during different eras.

Far back in the past Iraq was a homeland for the Babylonian and Assyrian civilization and culture. Baghdad was Iraq’s capital during the era of the unified state of the Abbasid Caliphate, known as the “golden age” due to the prosperity in science, medicine, engineering and mathematics.

As for the geographical nature of Iraq, it has a broad valley surrounded mostly by highlands. It is also called the Mesopotamia referring to Tigris and Euphrates rivers that pass through its territory.

As of 2014, Iraq‪’s population estimates 36 Million.

The capital, Baghdad, located in central Iraq, has the highest number of population with seven million people, followed by Nineveh province, in northern Iraq, with 3.5 Million, and Basra province in southern Iraq, with 2.5 million people.

What was the influence of Iraq’s geographical, religious, ethnic reality on the media and how did the content of the media change after the recent ethnic and sectarian conflicts in the country?

In the past, the media landscape included several newspapers and only two channels, one broadcast and one satellite, however, today there are dozens of media outlets.

How does the media operate under the current status of the country’s liberties? And where does it get its financial resources?

What is the rate of internet penetration and mobile phones’ use? and what is their impact on the creation of a new generation mastering the use of these techniques?

Geographical characteristics of Iraq‪, its population size and characteristics in terms of religion, race and sex.

The development of Iraqi media since the founding of the first newspaper‪, radio‪, television till the Internet.

Conflict areas and conflicts that influenced the content of the Iraqi media.

A review of the most prominent newspapers, radio stations and satellite channels, and what are the most prominent means used in Iraq?

The main owners of the media in Iraq and the role of the new officials in the world of electronic media.

The infrastructure for Internet and mobile distribution and the development in the use of these technologies.