Stereotypes and Ethical Reporting: Journalism Studies and Practices

Stereotypes and Ethical reporting: Journalism Studies and Practices

AREACORE's conference  in
partnership with IPSI (Manouba University) took place as a hybrid format (online via Zoom) and
in Tunis, on October 21 and 22, 2021.

This conference aimed to investigate textual and visual dimensions of ethical reporting focusing on manifestations of stereotypes. We aimed to uncover biased language to find alternatives to promote inclusive and sensitive writings. Stereotypes can keep identities in place and re-manifest power hierarchies in a society, but also on the global level, i.e. in foreign reporting. Awareness of and the study about stereotypes and their deconstruction can be considered an important dimension of Media Literacy and is ultimately an important step towards more peaceful societies for all.

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This project is generously sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service.

Panel I - Presentations in Arabic

Panel I - English Translation

Panel II - Presentations in Arabic

Panel II - English Translation

Panel III - Presentations in Arabic

Sub Panel III - Presentations in Arabic

Sub Panel III - English Translation


Panel IV - Presentation in English

Focus Panel IV - Presentations in Arabic

Focus Panel IV - English Translation