AREACORE promotes interdisciplinary and collaborative research to understand complex dynamics of communication in a digitalized world.  One aim is to also make our results and insights more accessible by presenting them on our e-learning platform. The COVID-19 pandemic 2020 has accentuated global inequalities in access to resources structuring research globally. The consequences for the production and exchange of knowledge are yet to be seen. Currently, we are working on five different research projects funded by our partner DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Award for Gender and Intersectional Justice in Honor of Lina Ben Mhenni  

This call aims to honor Lina Ben Mhenni's engagement and legacy as a blogger, activist and academic and aims to function as a starting point to generate different readings of Ben Mhenni's contributions for justice. The prize shall be awarding projects in the field of media and communication studies and journalism studies direction that mirror her engagement and show directions her all to short life can point us towards in the future. […]

Dossier: Media and Corona   

This project aims to get some authentic insights on the current status quo of the situation of media in times of Corona in AREACORE partner countries – through short films and through the collection of reports and literature on the issue for the respective countries and regions to research Media […]

Distance Teaching in Times of Corona  

Study:  Distance teaching in times of Corona: The impact of the pandemic on media & communication higher education from professor/student perspectives During Covid-19 crisis, higher institutions have been asked to change their programs into distance teaching and to transform all the educational activities to be done from home. That unplanned and […]

Powerful Language in Reporting  

Powerful Language in Reporting: Glossary to Strengthen Sensitive Reporting Language creates realties and forms and shapes topics. It can be considered a major asset when strengthening media literacy among journalists. This project aims to investigate biased language and find alternatives to promote inclusive and sensitive writings to improve quality of […]

Corona and Rising Nationalism

Study: „Corona and Rising Nationalism: Comparing processes of Othering and Discrimination in print media in March and April 2020” The spread of the COVID19 virus, insecurities and fear around the pandemic fueled nationalist tendencies and increased authoritarian tactics of governments all over the world. In North America for instance, Anti-Asian […]

Mitigating Infodemics  

Study Mitigating Infodemics: Media Uses and Trust During the Coronavirus Pandemic This working paper explores media and information uses of individuals living in Lebanon during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim is to understand which media and information sources people prioritize and trust during pandemics, their relation to people’s knowledge, perceived […]