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AREACORE aims at connecting Arab and European Researchers, their institutions and research communities. In this section, links to relevant universities, research institutes and journals are listed as well as resources for Media and Information Literacy.


Media and Information Literacy

Here we provide links and resources around media and information literacy. 

  • Datadetox-Kit in English and Arabic:
    Everyday steps you can take to control your digital privacy, security, and wellbeing in ways that feel right to you.  
  • Report on Racial Literacy
    Racial literacy is a new method for addressing the racially disparate impacts of technology.
  • Platforms and Open Resources on MiL
    “ is an educational platform that compiles case studies of media activism in the MENA region and offers media literacy resources that build on these practices”
    Diraya Media
  • Media and Digital Literacy Academy Beirut
    “MDLAB aims to develop media and digital literacy education in the region by providing the needed training, curricular material and resources, and motivating faculty, students, journalists and activists to transfer what they learned to their institutions.” 
    MDLAB Youtube Channel

Universities / Institutes

Useful Resources

It explores internet restrictions and censorship in 175 countries to better understand which countries have a free/open internet access and which governments impose the harshest internet restrictions.