The Media and Corona in Egypt – Script (en)


The Media and Corona in Egypt: Awareness or Intimidation?

A Production of Faculty of Mass Communication

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TV host Amr Adeeb:

In one day, Egypt witnesses the

highest number of infections


TV host Lara Nabhan: A wave of panic made us all phobic- our habits have changed


TV host Shereef Amer:

Any numbers you see today are the result of direct interaction, unfortunately, we are trapped.

Woman in smartphone video:

People, take it serious..It’s not a joke, take care of yourselves and your families


I’m dying.. I’m running out of



TV host: Lamees Alhadeedy This is Corona!! One person can isolate an entire area that represents

800 homes; 13,000 residents.



Interview: The chief broadcaster of Radio Station “Energy FM” Sabry Zaki


Broadcaster Sabry Zaki:

The problem of the Corona epidemic that everyone is afraid and terrified. All the data that you look at is a bit of panic. So, it was very difficult to assess the emotional stability of newscaster in front of the camera in light of the epidemic like this.



Interview: Dr. Ayman Rashwan

Presenter of the TV programs “El-Doctor”& “El-nas El-Helwa”


Dr. Ayman Rashwan:

Social media has a big problem, It is very possible that a false, subtle, or undisciplined voice is the highest and most charismatic one that eventually attracts people and thus earns credibility.

Some voices appeared on social media spreading that Corona was a lie, that there was a conspiracy behind it and there was nothing called Corona. At the same time, people all over the world were dying in hospitals because of that virus.



Interview: Mohamed Ali Kheir

Host of the show “El-masri Affandi” 


Mohamed Ali Kheir:

In my opinion, the Egyptian media, with all its diversity; Radio, television, Satellite channels, press, and social media have played a crucial role in the initial discussions about the global Corona pandemic.

Awareness was made day and night and people were warning each other on social media pages. Officials appeared on radio and satellite channels. We learned precautious procedures.

I believe that the awareness raised by the media has contributed in reducing the spread rate in Egypt, in addition to fear, you and I were also afraid.



Interview: Psychiatrist Dr. Amina El-azzazi


Dr. Amina El-azzazi:

As a psychological effect on people, it depends on the public’s reception of the media How? .. people are divided into types, there are people who consider media and media institutions as credible trustworthy, fully and partially reliable resources,  and therefore, they believe it without any revision




Archived scene/ Press Conference of the Egyptian Prime Minister


The Egyptian Prime Minister:

In order to reassure every step we take, and that everything is under control and under the state’s ability to deal with this unprecedented pandemic, which until now, no one is able to define.



Interview: Dr. Ayman Rashwan

Presenter of the TV programs “El-Doctor”& “El-nas El-Helwa”


Media in medicine is based on knowledge.. I have to educate the society, make them understand what is meant by pandemic.

Make them understand what is meant by a “frightening disease” that can kill a person. Even if there were many misleading information that can hardly be corrected. For example, at the beginning, the situation was underestimated and excessively reassured.



Interview: Mohamed Ali Kheir

Host of the show “El-masri Affandi” 


I cannot deny the role of the Ministry of Health and its cooperation with the media since the Corona pandemic was announced to the world including Egypt.

The minister of Health was in the lead and always in communication. There was a recurrent communication with the scientific committee in charge of combating the Corona virous. The Minister of Health was keen on issuing the daily report of infections. We were communicating with the media department of the Ministry of Health. The Minister of Health had and still has a positive role in dealing with this crisis.



Interview: The chief broadcaster of Radio Station “Energy FM” Sabry Zaki


We have to follow the instructions given by professionals. The instructions that can only be delivered through media. Therefore, we have to advocate for the informative media, the media that provides guidance, and should iconically exist in all channels in a way that is deciphered by the audience



Interview: Psychiatrist Dr. Amina El-azzazi


People are psychologically affected by the media, or by the governmental institutions; The applications and needs that were presented and accurate description of the number of cases, the number of newly infected and recovered patients.. It was wonderful.

The idea of mentioning both the infected and the recovered balances how the news is reported so we are not only conveying the negatives.



Archived scene/ Press Conference of the Egyptian Prime Minister


The Egyptian Prime Minister:

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, our procedures were mainly to balance between protecting the state and the economic sectors from shutting down and at the same time protecting the individual Egyptian citizen by taking all precautions.



Interview: Dr. Ayman Rashwan

Presenter of the TV programs “El-Doctor”& “El-nas El-Helwa”


The betting on the awareness of the Egyptian people isn`t a lost bet, in case if you give him good awareness, with enough sufficient education, also this education focused on him in proportion to his absorption abilities and use the right tools.

I mean that you shouldn`t make advertisements and media campaigns with people or someone else far away from doctors. So, use famous doctors or charismatic doctors who are able to deliver the information red as meat to the advertisements. With all my respect to all Celebrities who will hire them, if they aren`t related to medicine people won`t trust them.


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