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INTRODUCTION Who WE are This course unit will give you an introduction to the German media system. It is part of a series of online lectures on media systems in the Arab World and Europe. These are produced by the leading media studies institutes in the respective country brought together by AREACORE, the Arab European Association of media and communication researchers. This session on the German media system has been produced on behalf of the institute for media and communication studies at Freie Universität Berlin. With 9 professors and 1300 Students on undergraduate, master and doctoral studies level it is…

Seeing the Unseen: How Framing Influences Perceptions of Palestine Created by: Christina Cavalcanti, Nilofar Eschborn, Antonia Gottschick, Lourde Hadid, Yumna Hamidi, Taha Yassen Jasim, & Mohammad Abdallah Khamis *Antonia Gottschick on screen* “As you’ve just read, today we’re going to talk about the aspects of protests in Palestine that are unseen in the media. We’re also going to discuss how the parts that are seen are framed in German media.” As a little disclaimer in the beginning: The purpose of this video is not to antagonize anyone, but to show how the media can create certain narratives through framing. *Antonia…

Male Expertocracy – Media Discourse in Germany in the times of Covid19 Written by Doina Boev   News and Newspaper headlines announcing the crisis and different news moderators saying Coronavirus, Covid19 and Pandemie, Sars Cov2 (in German): Coronavirus, pandemic, infection and death rate Angela Merkel: “It is serious. Please take it seriously.” Video with the virus in its microscopical form: The Corona crisis has been described in Germany as “the biggest challenge” since the Second World War.   The global pandemic has significantly increased people’s need for information in the media. In Germany, the news coverage by established media networks…

A film by Nour Abdallah, Paula Germershausen, Hatem Manea, Jannes Holland-Jobb Imagine that someone from here decided to emigrate in search of a better place to live. War. Poverty. Lack of educational opportunities, high unemployment, political and social conflicts, and poor governance. All reasons to leave someone’s country, to emigrate. This video will offer an insight into migration in Germany. How is migration perceived in the German public and to what extent does the Media reinforce them? Prof. Dr. Birgit Glorius- European Migrationstudies – Advisory Council BAMF: „I think in any case, that one’s own world view is strongly shaped…

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