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A film by Ahmed Chikhi, Fabienne Fleischer, Julia Nathansohn, Karla Belser, Rasha Manasra, Sherif Rashwan Gender and migration – in the media, these do not necessarily sound like two topics that have anything to do with each other. But in fact, they are very closely connected. In large parts of the world, the representation of […]

by Rabiga Yerzhanova, Valeria Kachurovskaya, Ronny Volkmann & Amor Belhiba, February 2020   INTERVIEW with Mrs. Sayda Zouari, French teacher from Tunisia “Would you say that bilingualism in the Tunisian media space promotes pluralism and freedom of expression? What are the benefits of a bilingual media system?” Sayda Zouari: The possibility of expressing oneself in […]

الارتباك اللغوي  مقدمة    تونس ، بلاد تقع علي ساحل البحر الأبيض المتوسط ،  عانت من التبعية   بسبب تأثير الاحتلال الفرنسي  عبر القرنين ال 19 وال20 .  في 1869 ، أفلست الدولة التونسية  فتمكنت فرنسا ، من خلال تسوية مالية ،  من بسط سيطرتها علي   دول شمال إفريقيا لأول مرة.  ثم بعد 12 عاما اتخذتها […]

Media Regulation in Tunisia Before 2011, the Tunisian media system was one of the most defective in the world regarding freedom of the press. In the beginning of 2011, when the Tunisian revolution made Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia, Tunisians have been optimistic about a media transformation. Defects of the media system have been […]

قوانين الإعلام في تونس قبل 2011 كان الإعلام التونسي أحد أكثر النظم عيوبا في العالم فيما يخص حرية الصحافة  وفي بداية 2011 حين اضطرت الثورة بن علي للفرار الي المملكة العربية السعودية تفاءل التونسيون بقرب تحول الإعلام تم تحديد عيوب النظام الإعلامي سريعا  وفي الفترة القصيرة التي تلت الإطاحة ببن علي ،  تم تكوين حكومة […]

A film by Ghada Dhouadi, Mervet Chektmi and Soumaya Berjeb Supervised by Dr. Hamida El Bour 2021 Voice over: The Tunisian revolution of 2011 is considered to be both the inspiration for other revolutions that happened as part of the Arab spring and as the most successful revolution that has happened in any of the […]

A film by Nour Abdallah, Paula Germershausen, Hatem Manea, Jannes Holland-Jobb Imagine that someone from here decided to emigrate in search of a better place to live. War. Poverty. Lack of educational opportunities, high unemployment, political and social conflicts, and poor governance. All reasons to leave someone’s country, to emigrate. Imagine that they headed north, […]

By clicking on the source you will be directed to the hosting page with a download option: Artaud de la Ferrière, A. & Vallina-Rodriguez, N. (2014): The scissors and the magnifying glass: Internet governance in the transitional Tunisian context. The Journal of North African Studies 19(5), S. 639-655. Barata, Joan (2011): Political and Media Transition […]

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