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Who we are   Welcome to AREACORE’s online learning platform about international media systems! About: The platform provides visual material about media systems in the Middle East and Europe, researched and compiled by the leading Communication Studies Institutes of the respective country. Content: You can watch a complete movie of each country (45 min) or […]

Towards a New Classification of Arab Media-Government relationship Mahmoud Galander, Qatar University download pdf: PDF The media system predictor is a simple method for understanding and explaining the media-government relationship in the Arab World. Based on the elements provided in the panes of the model, one may now develop media systems that will explain better […]

أنظمة الصحافة العربية د. محمود قلندر أستاذ مشارك جامعة قطر   شريحة 1: العنوان : أنظمة الصحافة العربية هذه المحاضرة تتناول أنظمة الصحافة العربية في إطار عام، ثم تنتقل للحديث عن الصحافة في دولة قطر. والواقع أنني منذ البداية أود أن أوضح بأن الرؤية فيما يتعلق بأنظمة الصحافة العربية التي يتم تداولها في معظم الكتابات […]

By clicking on the source you will be directed to the hosting page with a download option: Armbrust, Walter (2012): “A History of New Media in the Arab Middle East.” Journal for cultural research 16, no. 2-3, 155–174. Ayish, Muhammad I. (2010): Arab State Broadcasting Systems in Transition. The Promise of the Public Service Broadcasting […]

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