MDLAB 2022 Student Projects

This year’s Media and Digital Literacy Academy in Beirut focussed on women and youth empowerment. In their projects the students were able to chose between media visualisations or short clip productions – or the combination of both. The final presentations included 5-min talks on the chosen topic accompanied by Power Point Presentations or the produced clips. We are unable to capture the PPPs in our format here, but in the following you can enjoy the movie productions by the MDLAB students and get a glimpse of the amazing work and creative exchange that has been part of MDLAB 2022.
Click the picture in order to view the full clip on Youtube.

Citizen Journalism

A clip by Omar Jalloul, Loulwa Obeid, Amen Ayoubi, Maram Ragab, and Yasmine Salha
Discussing different perspectives on citizen journalism.

Refugee Women & Education

A clip by Fatima Al Majzoub, Frida Sierling, Nader Chams and  Nour el Ouyoun Kazbar.Discussing the many layers of obstacles Syrian refugee women face in Lebanon when pursuing education.

صبحية in Exile

A clip by Hrag Avedanian, Ghida Majzoub, Araz Kojayan, Myriam Soueid.
Portaying collective memories of Armenians, Syrians and Palestinians in Lebanon.

Migrant Domestic Workers

A clip by Ayah Isbayene, Idil Deniz, Souad Rahhal and Joelle Maddah.
Portraying the situation of domestic workers in Lebanon post economic crisis.

Women in Men Dominated Professions

A clip by Marise Nassour, Huda El Shazely, Nisreen Tawily and Hadi Abdelghaffar.
Shedding light on women especially in men dominated sports and their achievements in the Arab World.

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