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Stereotypes and Ethical Reporting: Journalism Studies and Practices

Stereotypes and Ethical reporting: Journalism Studies and PracticesAREACORE’s conference  inpartnership with IPSI (Manouba University) took place as a hybrid format (online via Zoom) and in Tunis, on October 21 and 22, 2021. This conference aimed to investigate textual and visual dimensions of ethical reporting focusing on manifestations of stereotypes. We…

Media and the Politics of Transformation in the Arab World and Asia

10./11.12.2015, Interdisciplinary Workshop, Berlin In times of increasing mediatization and digitalization, indisputably media play an important role when it comes to political and societal transformation processes. But how exactly can we analyze the relationship between transformation and media (and also media in transformation) to contribute to both the fields of…

Abeer Saadi

In order to discuss current developments distinguished media scholars and experts were invited from around the world to the international conference entitled “Egyptian Media & Journalism between Change and Continuity”, 12.11.-14.11.15 in Berlin. The conference tackled issues like self-regulation of journalists, professionalism, challenges of freedom of speech and media freedom, as well as…

Social Media in Changing Media Environments: Lessons from the Arab World 2014

In October 2014, AREACORE hosted the conference “Social Media in a Changing Media Enviroment: Lessons from the Arab World” in Tunis, Tunesia. Almost 40 Scholars from a dozen countries participated and discussed a wide range of important and relevant questions surrounding Social Media and the Arab Spring. The beginning of…

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