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Since I was young, I like journalism, and I wished to work for a media institution as I thought that the national issues, needs to reach the media.

Journalism and media is a hobby, those who look to make money, do not enter this domain.

When I was a child, I used to sit in front of the mirror as if I was a TV host. My father, was a prominent media and academic figure Dr. Muzaffar Mandoub, may he rest in peace. When my brother thought I was crazy, my father smiled and said I was not a crazy and I would be one day a journalist.

I had the desire to work in the media, so I can be a TV host. I started at Al Iraqiya as a news editor and received a lot of support from the director of the channel, Abd Eljabbar Alshabout.

I wanted to work in the media even before I entered the journalism school, and then I did my internship at “Al Rashid” TV channel.

Many ask us how they can be journalists. You need three keys to become a journalist: the talent, the academic education, and to love your profession and work hard to express the concerns of your society.

The journalist is the mirror of the society. Journalism can be the profession of troubles, but the fatigue disappears as soon as you manage to convey your message to others.

Interview with Muayad Al Lami

The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate is responsible for all Iraqi journalists working in media institutions, including TV channels, radio stations, press agencies, newspapers as well as periodicals.

The reality on the ground requires a body that protects these journalists and provides them with training workshops.

The syndicate are for professional journalist and not for amateurs. In order to join the syndicate, one should be working for an accredited media institution. The journalist will also be subject to a test. Also freelance journalists can join the syndicate but they have to go through the editorial and practical tests. A member can be a Photographer, reporter, editor, editorial secretary, chief editor or anyone who works in the media.

The syndicate’s role is not limited to Iraq. It is currently heading the Federation of Arab Journalists, which includes 21 Arab countries. It is a member of the International Federation of Journalists, its main office is located in Brussels and it includes about one million members from 140 countries.

The Syndicate is influential and considered the fourth estate. Its power is equivalent to the power of the judicial, legislative and executive authorities.

Iraq has the highest number of martyrs in the world. It might have more victims than the victims of World War II and the Vietnam War. It has also a high number of journalist-martyrs. Since 2003, over 420 journalists were killed by militants, terrorists attacks or US forces.

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