Sources & Additional Learning Material (Oman)

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German Resources:

Windecker, Gidon (2015): Oman: Medien und Modernisierung im Land des Weihrauchs In: Richter, Carola/ El Difraoui, Asiem (eds.): Arabische Medien. UVK: Konstanz, pp. 319-330. 

English Resources:

Al-Kindi. (2020). Oman. In The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society (pp. 1291–1295).

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Al-Suqri, AlKindi, S. S., & Al-Kindi, A. K. (2017). An Evidence-Based Approach to the Use of Social Media to Promote Political Literacy among Youth in the Sultanate of Oman. International Journal of e-Politics, 8(2), 30–39. 

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