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A film by Sally Farhat, Bianca Halliday, Farah Saati (2020) Supervision: Dr. Claudia Kozman   The October 2019 uprising and the Beirut blast signify a turning point in the history of Lebanon’s political and media systems. The media in the country have historically reflected the local sectarian divides and the regional political tensions. “Al Hadath […]

لبنان بلد أشجارالأرز والجبال البيضاء بوتقة الحضارات في الطرف الشرقي من البحر الأبيض المتوسط حوالي 4.5 مليون لبناني يعيشون في البلاد التي تماثل في حجمها جزيرة جامايكا في البحر الكاريبي . أكثر من 80% من سكانها يتجمعون في المناطق الحضرية. لسنوات عديدة حظيت هذه الدولة الصغيرة بالاحترام الدولي لتنوعها الثقافي. لكنها أيضا كانت منطقة اضطرابات. […]

Elias Fischer, Isabell Kühnel & Jannik Meyenburg Lebanon. The land of the cedars and white Mountains. A cultural melting pot on the East End of the Mediterranean Sea. Around 4.5 million Lebanese are living in the country that is only as big as the caribbean island Jamaica. More than 80 % of the people accumulate […]

Images of Explosions A film by Jana El Amine, Essam Ahmed, and Malisha Baiers Supervision: Dr. Claudia Kozman and Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Shami Two different countries, two different explosions, two different reasons in one scene, one tragedy, and the same agony. The Beirut Twenty Twenty Explosion and the Yemen Sana’a Big Hall Twenty Sixteen explosion are […]

By clicking on the source you will be directed to the hosting page with a download option: Bou Zeid, Maria, and Jessica R El-Khoury (2020): “Challenges of Media Ethics Education in Lebanon in the Midst of Political and Economic Pressure.” Journalism & mass communication educator 75, no. 3, 275–290. Cochrane, Paul (2007): Lebanon’s Media Sectarianism. […]

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