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Powerful Language in Reporting

Powerful Language in Reporting: Glossary to Strengthen Sensitive Reporting

Language creates realties and forms and shapes topics. It can be considered a major asset when strengthening media literacy among journalists.

This project aims to investigate biased language and find alternatives to promote inclusive and sensitive writings to improve quality of reporting in different countries in Arabic and English news reporting. What are pejorative terminologies that show bias in reporting (for example refugee-„crisis“, terrorism, domestic abuse etc)?

We aim to collect and discuss in a first step the discriminatory yet often repeated and „normalized“ wording.

In this collaborative project, we intend to proceed in three steps:

1) Discussing what is “good and sensitive” language in reporting in a webinar format.

2) Content analysis collecting problematic wordings but also best practice examples regarding a pre-decided topic.

3) Bring together research from different countries, compare and evaluate. The aim is to produce a tool (glossary) available on this website to students and journalists

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